3 Core Armoured Cable

3 core Armoured Power Cable.

Standard: BS6622/BS7835

Rated voltage: 6.35/11 (12) kV

Impulse voltage: 95 kV

Fire propagation class: BS EN 50266-2-4.

Temperature range: In continuous operation max. conductor temp 90ºC. Lowest cable temperature during installation: -10ºC. Below 0ºC special precautions must be taken.

Bending radius: At laying: 12 x D. When installed: 8 x D
D = Overall diameter of cable

Conductor: Stranded, round and compacted copper acc. to IEC 60228 class 2

Insulation: XLPE, nominal thickness = 3.4 mm

Conductor screen: Extruded

Metallic screen: Metallic layer, copper tape, over each individual core

Insulation screen: Extruded, bonded or strippable

Core identification: Coloured phasetape under screen

Filler: PP yarn

Inner sheath: PVC or PE, black

Armour: Galvanized steel wires

Outer sheath: PVC or halogen free compound, red or black

Electrical data at +20 °C

Current rating